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How our Family Became Owners of 'The Club'

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Meet Our Staff

Michele Hastings

Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor/ Owner

I have been actively involved in the fitness/exercise field since 1994. I am one of the original Upstairs Studio/Club Energy group fitness instructors and personal trainers. My love for group exercise classes started back in high school (thank you Lonnie Walkup), and a college PE class introduced me to the world of weight/strength training, which I loved immediately. Teaching in a small town facility has allowed me the opportunity to teach a variety of classes/formats. Fitness is constantly evolving, and I enjoy learning new formats and sharing with members. I really enjoy the challenge of providing modifications for member safety, making it an individualized workout for all participants. Just recently, due to our COVID closure I ventured into the virtual world of teaching classes live. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but a way I felt I could stay connected to our members. Whether you like the camaraderie of a group class or one on one instruction try us out.

American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Personal Trainer

PiYo & P90X Live Instructor

Zumba Basic Levels 1 & 2 Instructor

Strong Nation (Strong by Zumba), Instructor

SH1Ft & L1FT Instructor

Masters of Education in the Administration of Physical Education and Athletics

Brandy Hollis

Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

It’s my passion to help people and I love seeing results! My Goal is to empower and coach my clients to transform their body while keeping things fun and sustainable. Together we can make this a lifestyle change and soon you won’t want to miss your workouts. You have the power to change and I would love to help! Most of my clients get it done with 30 minute high intensity workouts that torch the calories and get you back to your busy schedule in no time. Just speak to anyone at the front desk or grab my card and text anytime to get started!

American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Personal Trainer

S.A.I.L (Stay Active & Independent for Life), Program Exercise for Instructors

Tina Batsch

Fitness Instructor

I graduated from St Mary’ College of MN with an undergraduate degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. This lead me to a second Bachelor’s program at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine’s pathology department called Clinical Laboratory Science. After graduating in 1998, and taking the board examination I accepted a job in a laboratory here in Newport. I currently am the Laboratory Manager overseeing 14 talented lab staff at NHHS.

I participated in track and field from junior high through college and being a “number person” I became interested in fitness and how it affects our bodies. I started teaching classes in the fall of 2005 and was certified for Group Fitness instruction by the American Council on Exercise in 2006. Although I do not routinely do personal training, I do like working with people to get their “numbers” to where they want them. (Cholesterol, A1c, body fat composition, weight, blood pressure, etc.) . I enjoy teaching Spinning, kickboxing, TRX, and special running programs. My job as a group instructor is to plan the workout so those attending don’t have to and to make sure people get the workout they want.

American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Corrina Barrett

Pilates Instructor/ Fitness Instructor

Shelley Rees

Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

Before getting my personal training certification I was an active participant in many of the morning group classes at The Club. Two years ago I decided to become certified and since then have been leading group exercise classes. I enjoy sharing a common goal of creating a healthier lifestyle with the members and my coworkers. Thank you for the opportunity to work with all of you. Can’t wait to see you in class sometime soon!!

American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Personal Trainer

​Lisa Iverson

Zumba Instructor

Hello! I’m Lisa Iverson and I am currently licensed to teach Zumba. Nine years ago I stumbled across a Zumba class and started taking it to get in shape for my wedding. I couldn’t believe I found a workout that combined people, music, and dancing. Every class felt like a party! The music and choreography were great, and I felt so refreshed and energized when I was done.  It didn’t take long before I fell in love with Zumba, and decided I wanted to spread the love and fun and become an instructor.

I live in Bonners Ferry, ID, and when my family purchased The Club: Total Balance Fitness, I wanted to be part of it. I was sitting on a dock with Michele and Lauren, and they were talking about wanting to add Zumba to their class schedule and needed an instructor for it. I jumped at the opportunity, and I got certified to teach Zumba in September 2019. It’s been one of the best and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made.

I hope to see you at a Zumba class. Zumba is a great cardio workout and a fun way to burn calories and de-stress. Check out the class schedule for the next class!

Zumba Instructor-Basic One

Tiffany Storro

Mat Pilates Instructor

I love teaching Mat Pilates at The Club. After leaving the corporate world, I was inspired by another Pilates instructor to get certified. In June 2019, I decided to take a solo trip to Orcas Island, Washington to obtain my certification in classical mat training. Shortly thereafter, I additionally obtained my personal training certificate. I have always had a passion for fitness, including softball, basketball, triathlons, and distance running. My passion for fitness has fueled my desire to help others obtain their goals. During my free time, you may see me hiking, golfing, or riding dirt-bikes with my family.

American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Personal Trainer

Power Pilates Assessment-Based Certificate; Power Pilates Core Mat 1

Lindsay Henley

Yoga Instructor

I found yoga 15 years ago while living pursuing a degree in dietetics with emphasis on whole foods nutrition. I explored many different types of yoga in studios and found the common thread of a mind-body approach. This practice resonated with my passion for living and teaching a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
After graduating from college, my yoga practice continued to flourish, as I began working as a Registered Dietitian teaching whole foods nutrition cooking classes and seeing clients through the Providence Cancer Care Alliance. I found myself recommending yoga as part of a therapeutic diet and lifestyle plan for everything including depression, physical exercise for weight loss, and increasing body awareness around food and nourishment. It was at this time I knew I wanted to take my yoga practice into the realm of teaching.
In 2013 I completed my 200 hour teacher training (Yoga Alliance) at Rasa Yoga Center in Ashland, Oregon. I wanted students in the modern world to be able to grasp the yoga practice for their specific needs, whether that be physical exercise focused on alignment, healing from injuries, or enhancing their mind-body connection. You will find classes to include a challenging and creative vinyasa flow to burn off the chaos from your daily life and enliven your spirit, ending with calming postures and meditation to ground yourself before stepping back out into the world. I encourage students to lead with their heart and be true to themselves every breath of their practice.
When I am not teaching yoga classes, you will find me outside hiking or gardening with my husband Tad and our two sons Theo and Will, or in our kitchen cooking delicious and nutritious meals.

Registered Yoga Teacher; Yoga Alliance-200 hour teacher training

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Desiree Persyn

Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

My name is Desiree Persyn and I have been a certified trainer since 2016. I teach several classes at the club and also do one on one training. I have always had a love for fitness and enjoy sharing that with others.

Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), Personal Fitness Trainer

P90X and Insanity Live Certified

SH1FT and L1FT Certified

DuAnn Chambers

Fitness Instructor

Hi, I am DuAnn. I started teaching Aerobics in Seattle at the University of Washington as an undergraduate in 1991, and have been teaching group fitness classes ever since. I currently teach Spinning Tuesday morning. I love the efficiency and flexibility of Spin, finding it effective and fun for any fitness level, from beginners to advanced exercise enthusiasts. In addition to my love of exercise, I love working with dogs and teach pet grooming at a local grooming school in Ponderay. My personal hobbies include paddle boarding (with my dogs), getting a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and traveling as often as possible with my husband of 27 years. Whether you are just starting to exercise or have been exercising for years, I welcome you to The Club and to my class!

American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Group Fitness Instructor

American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Personal Trainer

Erin Mix


Co-founded Newport Martial Arts (2000)
Girl Power Unleased!/ Women’s Self Defense Workshop (2000)
Promoting-awareness, inner strength, and basic defense techniques for women ages 12-90. Workshops have been held all over the Newport and Priest River area.
Co-founded Keishin Kan Karate/ Priest River, Newport (2005)
Kids Karate Club Energy (1999-2017); The Club (2018-present)

Karate is a traditional style of the Martial Arts. I love the art and sport of karate. A true practitioner shares the knowledge and the “Art of the Way.”

  • Okinawan: Shorin Ryu Karate; promoted to Black Belt (2000)
  • 4th Degree Black Belt
  • World Black Belt Bureau Certificate
  • World Black Belt Bureau/ School Instructor (2000)

Erin Zinke


I teach a variety of children’s classes including tumble, ballet, music and movement, and am hoping to start children’s yoga. My passion has always been children and teaching. At one point I had the opportunity to teach toddler tumble classes and fell in love with the ability I was given to help children grow, learn, develop, gain strength and confidence, and prepare them for education and life ahead in a fun and active environment that little ones thrive in. I feel blessed for the ability to work with The Club to bring these classes to our community!

Kids Club Fun & Fitness-Gymnastics Instructor

Zumbini- Created by Zumba® and BabyFirst for kids ages 0-4, the Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun! not required – but highly, highly encouraged.

Lonnie Walkup

Yoga Instructor

I have been teaching Fitness classes since 1982. I have attended multiple training courses throughout the years and held certifications in the areas of Group Fitness and Personal Training. I am now teaching yoga on a regular basis. Most of my yoga training is from Yoga Fit a company that offers training nationally and focuses on teaching in a gym environment.


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Noah Thayer

Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Personal Trainer

S.A.I.L (Stay Active & Independent for Life), Program Exercise for Instructors